Getting Started

Following our free consultation, we will email you to let you know when we will be in touch to schedule your intake session.

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Prepare for the intake session

We ask that you upload the following to our intake form below, prior to our meeting. Alternatively, you can email us electronic copies, or just bring these to the meeting! You will need:

  1. Relevant assessments or reports from other providers

  2. Immunization record

  3. Recent medical report / physical / doctor’s referral.

  4. Your insurance card (if paying with insurance).

Then, please complete our Intake Form:

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Attend The intake Meeting

Intake is a one-hour meeting that takes place in our Chestnut Centre location. During this meeting…

  • We will review the information you have provided;

  • We will complete some additional forms together;

  • We will discuss more about ABA and the next steps (assessment);

  • We will discuss your insurance benefits and funding.

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Documentation Gathering

Following our intake meeting, we will make sure that all required documents are on file, so we can get started with the assessment. Once all required documents are on file, we will be in touch to schedule assessment.

Parents can take this time to explore their portal in Central Reach.

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The assessment process spans across a month, so that we can get a valid impression of your child’s skills. Assessment also takes place in a variety of settings, so we can evaluate skills in a variety of functional contexts.

  1. The first session (1 hour) will just be caregivers/parents and one of our Clinicians, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. This will take place in our Chestnut Centre location.  We will go through some questionnaires and initial assessment questions together.

  2. The second session (2 hours) will take place at our Pasadora Place clinic, and will involve working with your child and assessing specific skills.

  3. The third session (2 hours) will be observation of your child at his school, followed by a meeting with his teachers (if applicable). We will liaise directly with school staff, to arrange a convenient time for them.

    • If your child is not yet in school, this third session will be just like the second session, in our clinic.

  4. The fourth session (2 hours) will be observation of your child at your home and/or on a community outing.

  5. The fifth and final session (1 hour) is a final caregiver/parent meeting, where we will finalize any remaining questions, prioritise goals for intervention and caregiver training, and complete all necessary paperwork. This meeting will take place at Chestnut Centre.

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Report Review Meeting

Following the assessment, your Clinician will prepare an initial report. Your clinician will then as to meet with parents/caregivers, to review the report. Our Clinical Operations Supervisor will attend the last 30 minutes of this meeting, to describe our policies & procedures for ongoing treatment.

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Initiation of treatment

Once the assessment is complete and parents/caregivers are on board with the initial treatment plan, ABA therapy sessions can begin! At this stage, you will be introduced to your child’s treatment team, which will include Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), who are overseen by your Clinician.

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Treatment Plan and Progress Monitoring

As an ongoing aspect of our clinical treatment program, your child’s progress is monitored frequently, and updates to the treatment plan are made. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to log in to Skills as often as possible, to stay up-to-date with their child’s progress and team communications.

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We put together a list of resources and videos for parents, so you can familiarize yourself with some ABA terminology and strategies, and explore the world of ABA.

Behavior Analysis Certification Board