Sponsor a child, and change a someone's life!

The cost of intensive early intervention can be an enormous burden to families.  Intensive early intervention can foster remarkable gains in developmental progress.  However, the cost of services on island is high, and the numbers can add up fast.  The cost of services is substantial to families without funding assistance from insurance or elsewhere.

Currently, families on Grand Cayman have very few options for financial assistance; insurance coverage is minimal, no local non-profits currently offer financial assistance, and government funding is difficult to obtain.

Because of these limitations, Cayman ABA has generated a fund to help ameliorate this burden to families.  Regardless of whether or not we receive donations externally,

20% of our annual company profits are donated to Our Pro-Bono fund, Because we're serious about helping families.

We believe that every person in need of services has the right to recieve them, regardless of their financial means.  The profits we set aside are distributed directly to families of Cayman ABA on a needs-assessed basis.  

If you would like to take part in this scholarship fund, your donations will be greatly appreciated by a family in need.  You will receive confirmation when the funds you've donated have been dispersed, along with a heart-felt thank you from us and the family you've helped.